The other day I was going through some pictures on my computer and came across this pic of Luis and the broken window in my old office.  I had actually forgotten about this event because it was almost a year ago.  However, having just celebrated Father's Day this past Sunday, it reminded me of the story and how this unfortunate event took place.

Let me go back to Father's Day, 2015.  My dad and his wife were down visiting and we had a wonderful time hanging out, celebrating Father's Day together and especially watching the final round of the US Open golf tournament.  On this particular trip, my dad brought down some sets of golf clubs and balls.  This was something new and exciting for the children to see and the boys LOVED learning how to wack the small little white ball as hard as you can.  I think the part they enjoyed most was fielding golf balls with their baseball gloves that were being hit into the field by my dad.  If you caught one in the air, it was worth $5 pesos.  If you found one in the field, then it was $3 pesos.

The rules were carefully explained by my dad on how to properly swing and play.  Always make sure your hitting away from people, out into the field.  Retrieve your ball, properly store your gear, don't hit kids with the clubs, etc. 

I actually wasn't at the orphanage when the fatal shot occurred but Jackie informed me on the via text and this picture.  Luis had decided to play golf.  Things started off well as he hit the ball away from the house.  However rather then retrieving the ball and "walking" back to the orphanage, Luis thought he would just "hit" the ball back.  It was a good shot that was a direct hit with the window.  It scared Jackie at first, but that soon left to laughter as she realized what he had done.  One of those "hard not to laugh" situations.

Unfortunately, Luis won't be playing in this years golf tournament up in Washington.  Yes, it is that time again for the 8th annual Chapel Church Golf Invitational.  For the past 4 years, the Chapel Church, located in Puyallup Washington, has graciously donated all proceeds from the golf tournament to Casa de Bendicion.  This is our main fundraiser that we do each year and it is such a blast.  Last year, over 80 golfers came out for a day of fellowship, food, golf and raising over $6000 for the orphanage.  We had an incredible time and I am so thankful I get to fly up and be apart of the event again this year.

Whether you are old, young, male, female, a good golfer or you golf more like Luis, we'd love to have you join us at the Classic Golf course in Spanaway Washington on July 25th.  You can find out all the details through the following website,

If you are a business owner or work for a company that likes to donate items or sponsor charity events such as this, please let myself know, or the golf event coordinator, Mike Melchior,

Thank you so much and we hope to see many of you in July!

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