We just bid farewell to our dear friends from Redemption Church in Delray Beach Florida.  What a wonderful time we had serving alongside this team.  Missions teams are a huge part of the ministry down here.  Without the help, love, and support of families, individuals and churches, we would not be able to do what we do.  The children especially love when people come to visit.  They constantly ask when the next missions team is coming and who is coming down with them.

Speaking of missions trips, it seems as if the Lord has given us a wonderful opportunity forthe children.  Towards the end of last year, I began noticing that the children are taking certain things for granted.  Especially around Christmas time, it was as if they felt like they deserved all the attention, presents, etc, that so many people gave. I began praying for a way that we could help the children understand the importance of not just “receiving” all the time, but also “giving.”

I was right in the midst of planning a few of our missions trips for this year, when the “light bulb” went off.  What if we took our children on a missions trip?  I shared the thought with our team and they loved it.  We began to pray and think of where we might be able to take a bunch of children.  Someone suggested Mazatlan.  I couldn’t find any Calvary Chapels in Mazatlan, however, the Lord lead me to YWAM’s website.  I began to read about their ministry and the different opportunities for teams to be involved in.  I emailed the director asking if it would even be a possibility to bring an “orphanage” on a missions trip.  I shared a little about our ministry and what the Lord had been speaking to me.  I had no idea what kind of response I would get, but I sent the email anyway.

I got an email back with an overwhelming response.  The director had shared with the YWAM team our desire to bring our kids on a missions trip and they LOVED it.  The thought of one orphanage going on a trip to serve another orphanage, seemed wonderful to them.  They even asked if it would be possible to make a short documentary of our trip.

Last week I was able to talk with the director on the phone for a few hours.  By the end of our time, it was apparent to both of our ministries that the Lord was opening up this wonderful door of opportunity.  I can’t believe how quickly all this has come about and we are rapidly getting things prepared and in order for our departure.

We will be leaving early Monday morning, April 6th.  The drive will take 10-12 hours.  We will then spend the next four days doing some of the following things…

  • serve @ feeding centers
  • serve @ 2 different orphanages (one of which is for handicap children)
    • we will sing songs, color, tell bible stories and playwith the children
  • help clean/serve around the YWAM base as well as some local churches
  • participate in small work projects at local churches and in the community

And, of course there will be a lot of time hanging out with and investing in our children.  Non of the children have seen the ocean before and they are ECSTATIC about that.  We will also spend time at an aquarium (which they have never been to either), learning about God’s creation, visit a lighthouse, go on a boat ride, and help teach them how to swim.

Our team is especially looking forward to this extended getaway time with our kids.  Often times we get lost in the routine, structure, schedule, etc, here, that we don’t have that much needed uninterrupted time to spend with them.  This will definitely be a life changing trip not only for our staff and volunteers, but also for the children.

YWAM has graciously waived most of their fees since we are an orphanage.  In fact, they are not charging us for any of the children, only the adults.  What a wonderful blessing! The most expensive part of our trip will be getting there.  We estimate that the gas and tolls will cost between $800-$900.  The rest of the expenses are not that much.  The children are working hard around the orphanage on the weekends and after school to help pay for their trip.  If you would like to donate specifically to our missions trip, please let me know via email, jason@thehouseofblessing.org OR phone call, 253.223.9397, and I can explain how you can do so.

There will definitely be lots of pictures and stories to come.  We are having a number of different prep meetings with the children, where we spend time in prayer, the word and explaining what a missions trip will be like.  The two meetings we have had thus far have been incredibly fruitful!  Please, please, please pray for our team, the children and all the preparation that will go into this trip.  Muchas Gracias!

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