Sponsor Natalia

She is currently 25% funded.

Brissa Natalia Hernandez

DOB : June 15th, 2009
Schooling : 2nd grade

Natalia came to the Casa de Bendicion in August, 2015.  When she first arrived, she was incredibly shy and hardly spoke a word.  Now she is a bright, bubbly, and happy little girl.  Natalia’s mom is going blind and was having a hard time keeping a job along with caring for her children.  Their living conditions were horrible, and so, wanting a better life for her daughter, Natalia is currently staying with us.  Fortunately, Natalia’s mom lives here in Bachiniva and attends our church almost every week.  This allows her to hear the gospel message as well as spend some time with Natalia. Natalia loves the outdoors, whether it’s riding her bike, playing on the playground, going for walks, or playing in the mud.  She loves saying good morning to people and giving hugs.