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Edgar Ivan Gardea

DOB : October 14th, 2010
Schooling : 1st grade

Edgar is the newest little guy to the orphanage.  He came into our care in August of 2016.  Edgar actually comes from a loving, healthy family with both a mom and dad.  Like most families here in Mexico, they both have to work long hours to make ends meet.  They use to take Edgar to the apple orchards with them, because they had no one to take care of him during the day.  Only living about 25 minutes away gives Edgar's parents the chance to visit him almost every Sunday to attend church and then hangout in the afternoon. Edgar is our little prayer warrior.  All of the children and staff love when he prays or talks about God, because it is with passion and conviction.  Amazing for someone only 6 years old.  Edgar also loves playing outside, building legos, and coloring.