Sponsor Erasmo

Erasmo Caraveo Caraveo

DOB : December 14th, 2000
Schooling : 10th grade

Erasmo Caraveo was the first child to come into our care in February of 2014.  He is from the beautiful Sierra Madres (about a 7 hour drive from the orphanage).  Erasmo and his four siblings’s father passed away and they were then abandoned by their mother.  Wanting a better future for their grandson and a chance for him to continue his education, Erasmo’s grandparents asked us to care for him.  It was during his first year in the orphanage that Erasmo committed his life to Christ and has a longing to pursue that relationship.  Erasmo is talented at whatever he does, whether that be music, art, sports, school, etc.  His favorite pastime is playing basketball, watching basketball, and talking all things basketball.  His favorite team is the Golden State Warriors.