Sponsor Gladis

Gladis Marin Requejo

DOB : February 3rd, 2012
Schooling : Kindergarten

Gladis Requejo came to the orphanage, along with her brother Angel Jesus, in September of 2015.  Gladis’s mom works in the apple factories in a town about an hour away.  It is a good job, however, the demands of the job kept her from properly raising her children.  Having them here at the orphanage gives them both a chance to get an education, along with being adequately cared for.  When her mom has a weekend off, she comes to visit and attends church with her children.  Gladis loves singing, especially worship.  You always know where she is sitting because she sings the loudest of anyone.  When Gladis isn’t playing outside on the swings or riding her bike, you can find her inside playing dress up, caring for her dolls and babies, or trying to do 100 piece puzzles.