Sponsor Irene

Irene Cruz Batista

DOB : March 1, 2010
Age : 8 Years Old

Irene is one of our newest girls at the orphanage. Sadly, Irene’s mother died during child birth. Irene was raised by her grandmother for a few years before being placed in an orphanage in Chihuahua City. Irene’s father thought that she was in the care of her grandmother up until this past June. That’s when he learned that she had been in an orphanage this whole time. He brought her back to where he lives now but is unable to adequately care for her. Wanting a better chance of education both scholastically and spiritually, he asked if we would help care for her. Irene is very spunky and feisty. She loves to talk and is already excelling in school. Irene loves to ride her bike, work on puzzles and play outside.