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He is currently 25% funded.

Osvaldo Gonzalez Batista

DOB : April 27th, 2005
Schooling : 6th grade

Osvaldo came to the Casa de Bendicion in August, 2015.  His mother, Maria, works at a local nursing home here in town.  Because she works over 60 hours a week, she isn’t able to be home to care for Osvaldo on a regular basis.  Prior to coming into our care, Osvaldo would usually skip school and spend the day watching tv and movies.  Having Osvaldo here has given him the guidance, discipline, and regular care that he needs.  He loves anytime his mom gets a free day to come visit and spend time with him. Osvaldo loves playing soccer.  He is a great little athlete.  He also loves singing, breakdancing, and acting.  He has been involved in the Christmas programs at our church.