"I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplications.  Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live" (Psalm 116:1-2) Thank you for all your prayers.  How wonderful to know the Lord has heard them and has answered them.  Many of you have been praying for our workers, and we are rejoicing that  our brother Eloy surrendered his life to Jesus on Sunday.  He continues to grow and love his new relationship with Jesus.  Some of his friends wanted him to go out drinking but Eloy said no.  He expressed to Pastor Luis that he badly wants to change his ways and Luis has begun to disciple him.  There is a different countenance on his face and we are praying that his co-workers will see that...and desire a relationship with Jesus as well!

Here are some specific prayer requests...

  • We are in need of getting electricity to the property.  We basically have 3 options.  Option 1 is from the main road, which is over 1 kilometer away.  This would be the most expensive.  Option 2 is running lines underground from where the well is.  This would save a little money but be a ton of work.  Option 3 is the easiest, cheapest and closest, however, causing the most resistance.  To the right of the property, their is power about 450 yards away.  We asked the gentleman who lives next door if we could run 2 poles to get power.  He adamantly said no.  He gave a bunch of reasons that made no sense, other then he just doesn't want us too.  We are praying that the Lord will open a door and for a change of heart for this gentleman.  If not, we know God will provide other means for one of the other options.
  • Word has gotten out to other local churches and the Mennonite communities, regarding the orphanage.  They don't understand why we are doing what we are doing. They are asking a lot of questions as to why we would move orphans to Bachiniva.  Please pray for wisdom for Ray, Luis and I as we share the vision, desire, and most importantly, God's heart in this!
  • We have scheduled our 2nd trip to Creel...for September 16th-18th.  This will be a time for Jackie, Ayantu and I to continue getting to know the children, as well as Pastor Luis and I continuing conversations with Lino and Lupe about the change.  Even though we are 11 days out...we are praying very hard for a productive, blessed  and Jesus centered trip!

Thanking God for...

  • hearing the cries of our hearts
  • lessons learned about humility
  • conversations that can take place even with a language barrier
  • Eloy, Alejo, Florentino, Lico, Chayo, Jorge, Carlos and Nieves, who work so hard, so fast and never complain.
  • the building project which is going faster then anticipated
  • AT&T, which allows us to keep in touch with the states
  • internet, facebook, blogs and websites that can capture ALL that God is doing through words, posts, pictures and videos
  • His amazing grace...though we once were lost, we've been found...though we once were blind, now we see!


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