I apologize for not writing a blog post for over 2 weeks.  Time has flown by and I’d love to give you a little update about whats been going on lately. Jackie, Antu and I were actually gone, for 13 days on a road trip, traveling through El Paso, New Mexico, Colorado...making our way to Utah.  An organization in Utah had donated 65 chairs to the orphanage a few months back, and it was time to go pick them up.  Though the orphanage is not open yet, we have been running out of chairs at the church on Sunday’s, so they were much needed.  God also orchestrated a number of different meetings regarding the ministry in Mexico as well as opportunities for me to lead worship at a few different churches.

We spent 3 days in El Paso, getting supplies, fixing up our truck and then attending Horizon Christian Fellowship on Sunday.  Pastor Clift Barnes and his church have been a tremendous blessing and support to our family since moving to Mexico.  Its always wonderful being with this fellowship and it was especially nice, getting to lead worship in english again!

We left on Monday April 29th and started driving the 858 miles to American Fork Utah.  We split the drive into 2 days, mainly because of Antu, who I will say did a fantastic job, sitting in that little carseat for 9 hours a day.  I drove the entire time, Jackie slept the entire time (HA) and Antu basically talked the entire time.  She has entered a new phase of life where she is constantly asking us, “..mommy, daddy, you tell me a funny story?”  After about 2 hours of telling stories about growing up, I had nothing left.  I was hoping that she would fall asleep, however, the question, “daddy, you tell me a funny story?” kept coming out.  I figured I might start telling her bible stories, and probably won’t run out of them.  So, I started sharing, beginning in Genesis chapter 1.  About this time, we were driving through the breathtaking, unbelievable city of Moab.  I loved the timing, driving through this incredible place, with amazing rocks, canyons and arches, and sharing with her about God creating the heavens and earth!

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork (Psalm 19:1).

We arrived safely in Utah on late Tuesday afternoon and spent  6 wonderful days, hanging out with family, having meetings about the ministry in Mexico and leading worship at Calvary Chapel Mountain View.  One of those meetings, was with 2 wonderful ladies, Kathy and Debbie, who work for an organization called Children’s House International (CHI).  CHI is an adoption agency which is currently applying for licensing, to adopt from Mexico.  Unfortunately, Mexico is one of the hardest countries to adopt from.  Kathy actually helped Jackie and I with our adoption of Ayantu.  We got to know her well over lots of phone calls and emails and feel so blessed to have finally met her in person, 3 years later.

Anyways, long story short, we got reconnected and Kathy happens to live in Utah.  They heard that we had moved to Mexico to start an orphanage, and wanted to connect with us.  Debbie, who is the executive director of CHI happened to be in Utah as well and we spent 2 wonderful hours with them.  As we talked, I was amazed at how the Lord orchestrated things.  Here are two organizations, wanting to make a difference in the country to Mexico, now being reconnected.  CHI wants to be an avenue for adoptions from Mexico and Casa de Bendicion is a soon to be opened orphanage in Mexico.  How exciting is that?...oh the possibilities! I don’t know what this means in the future, but I know we serve a big God who wants to do amazing things!

We were thankful for this opportunity to travel, be refreshed, encouraged and spend time with family and friends.  Thank you so for your prayers for us, especially during this trip!

The way we roll...and lunch in the middle of nowhere...IMG_6895 IMG_6897

Spending time with her new "cuzzie" (cousin) Violet and hanging out with grandma...

IMG_6932 IMG_6944

Thank you for these chairs Lord.  Please fill them with people who need to hear your word at church and orphans who need to be cared and loved on...


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