2013golf-01 Tiger Woods started his golf career at the early age of 2.  Just one year later, this 3 year old phenom shot a 48 over nine holes at the Cypress Navy course.  Like Tiger, I to started my golfing career at a young age, 4.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

We lived in Casper WY and my older brother, Joey, and I were in the back yard.  As I was playing on our patio, my brother stood off in the distance, on that beautiful sunny day, with club in hand. I remember him swinging, and that ball traveling about 90 miles an hour right at me.  I guess you could say he made it in the hole, which was actually my mouth.  It was a beautiful shot that bounced once on the pavement and then right into my teeth.  I'm a little bit hazy on the rest of the details after that, as I was suffering from teeth being knocked out and blood flowing profusely.

I wasn't really interested in golf anymore after that until later in life.  Actually, I'm not sure if I ever really was interested in the "golf" part.   Having a dad who played all his life and was ridiculously good at it (and still is) golf was a part of our family.  However, whenever the 4 of us (dad, and two brothers) would go play, I was more interested in "dinking" around...the driving range, driving the golf cart, running around the course, eating those tasty hotdogs, fighting with my older brother, spending hours trying to find where I hit my ball and averaging 140 on 18 holes.

I would like to think that I am a golfer, because its in the family...but the reality is, I'm not, and I'm okay with that.  Especially after my last experience at the driving range, when I hit someone.  No, it wasn't someone standing out in the fairway, rather, the gentleman that was right beside me.  How does that happen?  I have no idea...but it was miserable as I saw that ball pelt the man's leg next to me, rather then going straight into the fairway.  He grabbed his leg in pain, walked over to put his clubs away and then left the driving range.  My brothers helped comfort me as they quickly fought over who could have the man's leftover range balls!

Okay, having shared that little experience...what does that mean?  Well, I wanted to share with you all about a very special event our home church is hosting.  Each summer, South Hill Calvary hosts a "Golf Invitational" that benefits different non-profit organizations.  Now that the Lord has opened the doors to start an orphanage down here in Mexico, the invitational will benefit the "House of Blessing" this year.  I would love to personally invite any and all of you to be involved in this.  Whether that is playing in it, sponsoring a hole, or just praying for this event.  I'm so excited that I get to fly home and be a part of it...BUT...don't worry, I won't be playing in it.  I will be there at one of the holes to share and talk about the orphanage and ministry down here, with all of the players.

I have included a link to the website where you can read more information, find out details and even get registered, if you would like to play in it.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance, or call the church office, 253.841-5680.

Thank you so much and I hope to see a lot of you on Saturday, the 27th.


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