As I was reading and meditating on Psalm 20 this morning, this verse stood out to me... "...may the Lord fulfill ALL your petitions" (Psalm 20:5)

We serve a God who not only HEARS our prayers...RECEIVES our prayers, but also ANSWERS our prayers.  Knowing that so many of you are praying daily for us, Casa de Bendicion and the ministry down here...blesses our hearts dearly.

Here are some things going on this week that we would love your specific prayers...

  • That the rest of the land paperwork and processing will go smoothly and fast
  • Now that the land is ours, we have begun talking to men that we can hire for the building project.  Our desire is to support locals from Bachiniva who are out of work and in need.  Some of them are not believers, and yet, each morning before we start working, we will have a time of prayer and little bible study...pray the Lord leads us to the right men to hire and that above and beyond working and making money...that their hearts and lives will be changed
  • There are a number of people back home in the states who are praying about coming down in October on the construction team.  Their desire is to come, but they want to know the Lords desire.  Let’s pray that He will reveal that to them
  • Please pray for the safety of all the families here in Bachiniva.  The drug cartel continues to run things and a lot of people are scared.  However, we know that God is greater and bigger and pray that those who live here will walk in that same truth.
  • Our trip to Creel is coming up next week...where we will be going to share news and meet the orphans.  Please pray that the children and current workers will receive that which God is doing, with open hearts.  We have been praying that the Lord will prepare the hearts of the children for a smooth and blessed transition.  Please pray for Ray Wilson (director of Black Buffalo Global Ministries) and the current orphanage...that he will have the wisdom and discernment in sharing the change with the children.
  • Jackie, Ayantu and I are adjusting well down here, however with the language barrier and a whole different lifestyle, we miss our church and fellowship with brothers and sisters.  Please pray that the Lord will bring some brothers and sisters (other than the Vargas family) that we can have fellowship with!

 Praising God for....

  • showers...a washing machine...purified water...brooms and mops (Jackie)...that Ayantu is laughing, eating and playing more than ever before...His mercies that are new every and friends who support us...God’s faithful protection and watching over us...His Word, which greatly encourages our heart everyday!

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