Some many exciting things have happened down in Mexico, since we have been home.  What a blessing its been to see the Lord continuing His work down there, as well as up here, during our stay.  I am anxious to get back down to Bachiniva, however, there is still a lot of work and opportunities that the Lord has for us here. He continues to faithfully provide open doors, to share about the orphanage.  He has also been faithful to “ all our needs according to HIS riches in glory.”  I came across this verse this morning and have been meditating on it all day... “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide and I will fill it” (Psalm 81:10).

The Lord reminded me that He will fill, pour out, satisfy, provide, as much as we will allow Him to.  If we are only open to Him on Sunday’s or Wednesday’s or during the holidays, when in need...that’s all we will get.  However, if we daily come before Him with our “mouths open wide” He WILL fill it!  And God CONTINUES to do that.

I wanted to share one of the email updates I received from my cousin, Jose, who is overseeing the work in my absence.  He has been taking pictures, leading the construction team in devotions and has really been maturing in the Lord during this time.  Here’s what he wrote...

“Last week me and my dad went to Rubio (town about 20 mins away) to get a part for the Mazda. since we were in Rubio we decided to stop and eat a delicious bowl of shrimp soup (its amazing we have to go when you’re back) so when we got all of that done we headed to Feasa (Mexican Home Depot). We needed to buy some welding sticks and other supplies. As we walked in we saw Jacob, the Menonite Pastor. We greeted each other and then Jacob tells my dad that he had been trying to call him but that he never answered. So my dad checks his phone and says says no you haven’t. Well what had happened was that Jacob had the wrong number. Jacob had been trying to contact my dad so that they could talk about when they could come down and help with orphanage. SO...after talking and getting organized we decided that monday would be a great time for them to come and help. So on monday Six Menonite brothers (Jacob the Pastor, Jacob the welder, Jacob the welders son, Tony, Jason, Abraham and Rony. Rony came yesterday only) arrived at the orphanage ready to work. And when they say work they mean work. These guys got the welder and some how made it so that two people could weld at  a time. They were hanging off the trusses welding, others were cutting and others helping us put the tin on the roof! It was pretty amazing!! I know that our team was real encouraged! Personally the Lord reminded me of the early church, of how they sold everything and lived and helped each other as a family! That was really encouraging! And what is more encouraging is that the Family doesn’t stop in Bachiniva and the Campos (where the Menonites live and work) but rather it extends to Washington, Utah, New Mexico and God willing the World. We serve an amazing GOD!

Indeed we do serve an AMAZING GOD! The pictures below show the roof insulation, tin and windows that were completed in about five days.

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