"But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak. For it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak" (Matt 10:19) From Moses, to Jeremiah, to Peter and John...God was always faithful to give them the words when they felt there were none.  What do we have to offer, what can we say, etc...and the Lord reminded them, as He does with us today...don't worry, I'll help you, I'll tell you what to say!

This has been and is currently my prayer for my friend and brother in christ, Ray Wilson, director of Black Buffalo Ministries.  He is on his way right now down to Chihuahua Mexico.  During his 4 days down there, he will be involved in a number of important meetings.  As he goes before lawyers, notary officials, the Indian affairs director, Mennonites and Lino and Lupe, I am praying that the Lord will give him what he needs to speak in the hour that he is to speak it.  Saints, I ask that you please pray for him as well...I know it would be a huge blessing to Ray.  I texted him today and asked if it would be okay to share his schedule and meetings with you all to be praying for him, and he responded, "PLEASE DO...I can use the prayer!"

It is so encouraging to know that Ray, along with his board of directors, ministry, and family, as well as all of us, want the Lord's will to be done in all of this.  No matter what that may look like...God is still awesome, still the same yesterday, today and forever, still seated on the throne and STILL wanting to and WILL do wondrous things in our lives.  Here is his schedule for you to be praying over!

  • Sunday - arrives in Chiuahua (please pray for safe flight)
  • Monday - meetings with Department of Indian affairs, notary and lawyer
  • Tuesday - meetings with Mennonites and Lino and Lupe

Thanks again...!

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