John Wesley, an Anglican cleric and Christian theologian during the 18th century, once said, "prayer is where the action is!"   There is definitely a lot of "action" going on right now as we finish our final preparations, packing and everything else, before moving in 5 days.  What a wonderful quote to come across...reminding me about the imminent importance of prayer.  We would love to physically take all of you on this journey with us down to Mexico.  However, we know that's not possible...BUT...each of you can still be "...where the action is."  And as John Wesley, so wonderfully put it, that action comes as a result of prayer.

Friends and family, we could use your prayers more then ever before, especially in these final days.  I'm reminded of Paul's letter to the church in which he speaks of one of my favorite verses about prayer...

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your REQUESTS be made known to God" (Philippians 4:6).

We'd like to share some specific prayer requests that we would love for you to join us as we pray and seek the Lord regarding them.  We know He loves listening to our prayers as well as responding to them!

  • HEALTH...Jackie and Ayantu have been sick now for a few weeks.  Its that cold/cough thing that is going around and we are praying they'll be healed up before flying out next Thursday.
  • PACKING...We are frantically trying to get everything packed and ready to be loading into the moving truck on Saturday!
  • STRESS...Things have been a little stressful in the Sanchez home and we desperately want the "peace of God" which surpasses all understanding to guard our hearts and minds.
  • SAYING GOODBYES...We know that we will see you all again, but its still difficult saying final goodbyes to friends and especially family!
  • SAFE TRAVELS...My dad and I will leaving early Monday morning to begin the uhaul drive.  We will drive to Redding, CA on Monday, Ontario, CA on Tuesday, Phoenix AZ on Wednesday and then arrive in El Paso on Thursday.  Jackie and Ayantu will fly out Thursday to meet us in El Paso.
  • BORDER CROSSING...We will be using two trucks and a 15 passenger van, next Saturday, to take the first load of our stuff into Mexico.  We are praying we find favor at the border and checkpoints and everything gets through.
  • MISSIONS TEAM...Next Saturday we will also be bringing down a missions team from Calvary Mt View, in Utah.  3 brothers will be joining us and finishing the septic system and water hookup.  They will be with us for a week.

Thank you so much...Jason, Jackie and Ayantu!

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